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Revell 1/48 Rafale...Swiss Air Force, c.2025 COMPLETED

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Off to a slow start this year. One of my girlfriend's good friends who I know socially too passed away suddenly and expectedly in the early hours of Saturday.  Only 25 and died in her sleep.  So between the shock of that and generally feeling under the weather zero model building was accomplished on Day 1. 

Feeling better today, so I spend a good 3 hours agonizing over what to build...after thinking on it for well over a month I still hadn't made a decision and was torn between three kits.  A modern jet won out and I broke out Revell's 1/48 Rafale in its original 1999 boxing.  I've always read great review of this kit, and while surface detail it nice the fit is not quite what I expected.  I mean it's impressive for a 21 year old Revell kit, but by no means is it a shake n bake, filler free build.  Intake area has proved to be the area needing the most attention.  Still not terrible though so I shouldn't really complain too much. 

Anyhoo...after about 6 good solid hours of building it is mostly together with some small areas of filler drying. 

The box and contents as 5pm today. 

Trying this stuff for the first time for nose weight.  Interesting stuff...tiny little metal balls that you fix in place with CA or PVA.  Nice in that it fills complex haps easily. A little bit around the gear bay and the radome filled should be more than enough. 

The mostly-complete main construction almost ready for a little sanding and priming. 

I say mostly complete because I happened to notice that the nose section of the enormous drop tanks is just about a perfect for for the nose.  I'm contemplating changing up the radome for a little different look.  I'm sure I can cook up a valid reason.  Gives the nose a bit of a Skyray look IMO...we'll see what happens.

The final user options are:

1.  UK commits to CATOBAR for QE Class...Increased costs result in lowered F-35 purchase, simultaneously France does NOT cancel PA2 carrier project and as part of the deal for France to build a QE Class carrier the RN gets Rafales.  This was actually considered back in the 2010ish timeframe even though the F-18E was the favorite if the RN abandoned F-35s for the carriers, the PA2 element made it a possibility...

2.  Canadian or Australia F-18 replacement.  Not much to add here.  Allows for some creative color schemes with the decals I have. 

3.  USN lease of 12 Rafales for DACT.  Probably allows for the most paint scheme options and as with the other options I have plenty of decal options. 

As of right now I'm leaning towards 1 and with that in mind have ordered some resin Storm Shadows which hopefully will arrive this week. 

How on earth do you make such quick progress without the Planet wobbling off course ?  ;)

The first part of that question is serious. I honestly don't know how you do it, or Dizzy for that matter.

I just wonder what that can of ball bearing balls might cost?

How about India as an operator? Or Argentina?


--- Quote from: Dizzyfugu on June 14, 2020, 11:36:17 pm ---I just wonder what that can of ball bearing balls might cost?

How about India as an operator? Or Argentina?

--- End quote ---

I got it on Amazon for $12US.  I'm guessing a bottle will be good for a few dozen models. 

India wouldn't be as much of a Whif as I want to do since they have a couple of them in service, as with Argentina no suitable decals in the stash.  Another option I'm tossing around in the background is Swiss. 

All primed up with Tamiya White Primer.  A few touchups on the seams and filler tomorrow and final decision on the radome and she'll be ready to learn who she works for.  The more I look at the change to the radome I like it.  I've never really thought the Rafale's needle nose radome looked that good.  Too skinny or something, but I just don't care for it.  Final decision tomorrow. 


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