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Wingnut Wings Closing Down

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1) Partner company The Vintage Aviator was put on a temporary hiatus last year, or the year before,
because of financial irregularities, including an apparent embezzlement and other issues. The aircraft,
and engine, construction and restoration side of TVA operations has been suspended, only the
maintenance of the current aircraft in the collection will continue.

2) Jackson and WingNut Films are under audit/investigation regarding the NZ government film subsidy
monies they received over the years, evidently questions have arisen over how Jackson's company used
the funds.

3) The suspension of overseas postal services due to COVID-19 has left them with no way to fulfill orders.

4) No official statements have been issued by WingNut films as to WW being completely shut-down
and assets to be sold, these claims have all come from an unnamed source.

Interestingly as of 5 February 2020 control of WW was transferred from WingNut Films to the WingNut Group.

I'm left wondering if the virus just served to accelerate events regarding a corporate realignment that were
already in train that are related to the finance investigation.

The current notifications on the WW and TVA sites:

Those are the notifications I saw Jon, but at the end of the day I'll just wait and see what turns out at the end of all this, whenever that is.

This popped up on Facebook earlier. The writer has some insider information on Wingnut.

Informative, yes, but I hardly think that '......Wingnut Wings re-defined the global plastic model market....' They may well have done that to the 1/32 WWI plastic model market, but they had little effect on other areas of the hobby.


--- Quote from: Nick on May 16, 2020, 02:47:25 pm ---This popped up on Facebook earlier. The writer has some insider information on Wingnut.

--- End quote ---

Very dramatic.  There's a movie in that...



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