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Wingnut Wings Closing Down

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To be honest there's nothing in that, that surprises me. It was never set up as a viable business and was never going to be the way it was run. It was always a hobby.

It needed a "sugar daddy" and as long as it had one with deep pockets  :thumbsup: however as soon as it no longer had one, for whatever reason, then it was going to be  :-\.

The management should of handled the situation better, particularly with regard to letting the staff know what was going on, but there was always an inevitability about it.

Hannants have announced that Meng Model are going to release the Fokker Dr.I.  No mention of the rest of the range.

--- Quote ---The Wingnut Wings Fokker Dr.1 is going to be released by Meng Models! Fokker Dr.I Triplane flown by Manfred von Richthofen, the “Red Baron” MMQS-002
--- End quote ---

A new model company called Kotare Models has been founded in NZ, with former Wingnuts staff prominent in it's team. No word on model subjects yet.


Interesting. Cheers H  :thumbsup:


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