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Apparently Hobbycraft had a Black Friday sale which included Revell kits at half price. They aren't available through the website, but any that are still in the stores are are still at the sale price.

I shall go to have a look tomorrow. :thumbsup:

Just hit up the Stockport branch:

3 x Revell 1/72nd scale Hunter FGA.9s (RAF100 boxing) - 10 each  :wub:
3 x Revell 1/72nd scale DHC-6 Twin Otters - 4.75 each
Revell 1/112th scale X-Wing (Level 3 boxing) - 3
Revell 1/241st scale Millenium Falcon (Level 3 boxing) - 3
Revell 1/110th scale TIE Fighter (Level 3 boxing) - 3
Tamiya 1/35th German Field Drum set - 6
3-tier wire mesh trolley on castors - 15

Other notable things left on the shelves (not an exhaustive list and probably different in other branches):

Lancaster Mk.I/III - 10
Dambusters Lancaster - 10
1/144th Atlantis Space Shuttle - 10
Shackleton AEW-2 - 18.50
BoB Eurofighter Typhoon
Loads of cars
1/87th Big Boy locomotive - 10
1/144th Space Shuttle + B-747 - 15(?)
1/72nd B-17F and B-17G - 15ish
1/48th WWII fighters (Corsair, Fw-190, others...)
Various Ships
1/144th Concorde
Loads of other Star Wars stuff

Those nice rolling all-metal trolleys with three deep-sided, mesh-bottomed trays that IKEA want 50 for? 25 in the Hobbycraft sale (I got one last year)

Sounds worth a special trip to the city.

Fire up the Signum!  ;D

So I fired up the Signum and headed for Gloucester, along with half the population of the Forest of Dean apparently.  :o

Hobbycraft there did have an on-going Black Friday 50% sale on Revell kits, but most of them were big 1/48 or 1/32 stuff. I got a 'BoB' scheme Typhoon for 10 though plus two 'bottles' of Contacta glue, some of that bendy Tamiya tape, a new razor saw and a battery light magnifier thingie, something I've been thinking about for ages.

As I get paid tomorrow I think I will have a look through the store nearest to my work



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