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On Atlas' Shoulders: RAF Transport Aircraft Projects Since 1945


On Atlasí Shoulders is ready for the printers.
Transport aircraft receive very little coverage but as the pillars of any modern war-fighting force, they deserve at least some attention. British aviation companies were at the cutting edge of aerospace technologies in the postwar era and these technologies were applied to transports as much as fighter, bomber and maritime patrol aircraft.

On Atlasí Shoulders not only aims to address that but also show how 
transport aircraft and the technology advances that allowed the RAF (OK, RFC) to go from the BE.2c to the A400m in a century are as fascinating as any other military aircraft class. They are the key to a modern war-fighting force. to paraphrase Air Marshal Charles Elworthy, DCAS, there's always something we forget to bring.


Checking the Crecy website and the publishing date for Atlas's Shoulders is the 5th of December  :thumbsup:

BSP1:Fighters 2nd Edition- revised version similar to the recent BSP5: Britain's Shuttle is now listed as the 20th of Feb 2017 so you can knock it off the Christmas list


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