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Black Box Canberras


Black Box Canberras has gone to the printers and should be available by mid-November (hopefully at IPMS Telford)

Much is known and documented about the RAF service life of the English Electric Canberra, the first of Britain’s Cold War jet bombers. What is less well-known is that as soon as the Canberra bomber entered production in 1951, it was immediately pressed into service by the UK Ministry of Supply as a high-performance research and development trials aircraft.

Over the next four and a half decades, the Canberra was flown by secretive government research establishments and defence contractors on a huge range of equipment development trials, encompassing everything from engines and fuel systems, to nuclear weapons, guided missiles and radars.

Illustrated throughout with many previously-unpublished photographs and drawings, Black Box Canberras documents all the principal test and trials Canberras over the aircraft’s long service life. Aircraft modifications and development tasks are described in detail, providing a unique insight into a variety of defence projects, some well-known, others more secretive and obscure – such as the UK’s ‘stealth’ aircraft program and rocket engine trials. Each chapter covers a different area of technology, arranged in chronological order, revealing the vital role played by Canberra trials aircraft in the evolution of key British defence technologies, while appendices list the major users of trials Canberras and provide detailed lists of aircraft, projects and dates.

Dave has sourced some stunning images and sheds light on a number of programmes in which the Canberra played a key.

How much and from whom?


GOT to get a copy of that, bags of Whiffing scope there I'm sure.  :thumbsup:


--- Quote from: Gondor on October 24, 2016, 07:58:35 am ---How much and from whom?


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Well its a Hikoki title published by Crecy, where you get it from and how much is up to you :-)


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