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ProjectTech books, page counts, and pricing


Feedback on ProjectTech pricing and page count appreciated on SecretProjects forum poll:,23664.0

Otherwise post a comment here if you like.

Steel Penguin:
the cost / page count thing for me is a non starter, if im interested in the subject, I tend to get it, im aware of the time / effort / difficulty, of research into  an obscure subject ( from trying to do a product listing of a couple of RPGs before the internet made such, easy as Wiki).  The biggest thing is, is it well researched / written / illustrated, if its the same photos and things as in every other book on the subject, its the reason I wont buy.
not quite a standard answer, or possibly not the exact answer you'll be looking for, but my reasoning and answer

I'm quite happy with all the options shown in the link. If the subject warrants the increase in pages then I would have no problem in an associated price increase.


The question really is I guess, if the book is more expensive, even if it has more pages, is it going to cost sales?

I know I would always rather get a bigger book personally if the material supports it, and the extra cost isn't that important to me provided it seems to provide bang-for-buck (so it shouldn't be more than a proportional price increase, not a doubling or whatever). I guess for the people here that might be common. I wonder about "casual" readers. Are there any for something so specialist? People who pick up a ProjectTech book and would take a risk at 10.99 but hesitate to pay 14.99?

Steel Penguin:
Overscan, I will say that I picked up the p1216 book on a "punt" and was very impressed, and compared to the price ( at the time) of something like a games workshop army list ( codex) which was 12 or 15  for not much, if anything more, was more than happy,  I will add that the current price of said books 30  even hard backed is too much, but the prices your covering, are still in my "very reasonable" range. 


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