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Hawker P.1103 and P.1121: Camm's Last Fighter Projects

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I dunno: I can see why people think they're too prominent and/or make the plane look "boilerplated" in the drawing, but then from a practical point of view, it's more information, i.e. it's better for a modeller to know that they're there rather than not, and within the limits of resolution, there might be no option but to make them over-prominent.

I spotted a few other things in that drawing. I can't say that they're definately wrong (what do I know?) but they certainly caught my attention as odd.

1 +2 : It looks as though the innermost panel line on the wing extends across the root fairing. This looks odd: I'd have thought the faring would cover the wing, and even if it did have panel lines, would they really be in those positions?

3 : Does this panel line really stop dead in the middle of a panel? It might do, but again, it looks odd. There are multiple examples of this on similar panels on both wings.

4 : Should this parallellogram-shaped panel have a continuation of one of the normal panel lines cutting across it's tip? Again, there might be some reason to build it that way, but it leaps out.

EDIT : just read your reply and 3 & 4 make more sense if they're lines of rivets in the middle of panels rather than actual panel edges.

Howard of Effingham:
hmm, this I like.

Thanks. I didn't draw the drawings, but I will certainly take the comments on board.   

Update on progress:

Text is done, images being finalised and layout underway. Not too long now.

OK - so - book is scheduled for release 2 November.

I have a place for photo of a P.1121 model built from a commercial kit. Best photo & model wins.


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