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Hawker P.1103 and P.1121: Camm's Last Fighter Projects

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We are pleased to announce that Blue Envoy Press will be producing Paul Martell-Mead and Barrie Hygateís long-awaited Hawker P.1103 and P.1121: Cammís Last Fighter Projects in the Project Tech Profile series.

All at Blue Envoy would like to thank SPF members for their fantastic support and help with the Project Tech Profiles and hope that Hawker P.1103 and P.1121: Cammís Last Fighter Projects meets your expectations. We hope to have it available in the summer.

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015.

Chris, Adrian, Paul and Mike

That's definitely on my "Will be bought list".

Great to see it come to fruition  :thumbsup:

One to look forward to in 2015

tsr2 + escort fighter = nerdgasm  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Captain Canada:
Very cool. Love the shot of the two of them together. Would look awesome side by side on the tarmac as well.



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