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The Air Staff and AEW

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Kelly Bushings:
Evening all,

Well, this book shares many things with the Nimrod AEW.3 - delay, rewrite, shelving, more delay - but it is now taking shape. Adrian is working on the layout and I've been checking the proof. We even have a cover! (I would show it if I knew how to post images)

So, I'm hoping to have it available by the end of Feb (wasn't that what GEC said?) Then I'll be getting stuck into my next book for Crecy (if they like my idea when I see them next week)

So, fingers crossed, it'll be out soon.

Thanks for your patience


Fixed it for you   ;)

Looking forward to it as it should provide quite a bit of inspiration for the Project Cancelled SIG SMW 2013 theme (Joe's certainly stuck in already from the BattleFlight data  ;D)

Would you prefer if we ordered via the publishers or wait for Amazon ?



(edit 2: Geoff provided the cover image, but it's visible to SecretProjects subscribers only)

I'm looking forward to this...

Kelly Bushings:
Aw thanks Geoff!

You'll get it quicker from me, but Amazon will be cheaper cos I have to charge postage. I don't know how they do it.

I'll let you know when it's ready, so don't be sending any money yet (I'll only spend most of it on beer, women and not-so-fast cars, the rest I'll squander)


Kelly Bushings:

Adrian and I are just about finished The Air Staff and AEW - Awaiting one bloke to get back to me. Then it's final tweaks, send it to Ed the Geordie and I'll check the proof when I get back home at the end of the month.

With a bit of luck, it should be available by the middle of April.

48 pages, 68 images including Adrian's artwork, my drawings, company drawings, colour and mono photos.


Intro and Acks
1)  Origins of Airborne Warning and Control
2)  AEW in Service at Last
3)  ASR.387 - The Early Contenders...
4)  Brough's Andover
5)  ASR.400 - AEW for the Eighties
6)  The First Nimrod Debacle
7)  Turning the Screw
8)  After the Battle

Air Staff and AEW Timeline

App 1 Radar Aspects of UK AEW Developments
App 2 LAWACS and other Woodford Studies
App 3 Requirements

Glossary, Refs and Index

Geoff, can you copy the image from SPF please, I've just put a rig boot through my screen.



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