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Hannants have three Miles Messenger kits in their New Arrivals section, although they're out of stock and overdue for delivery at the moment:

Is that the same mould as the Pavla 'Monty's Messenger'?

I've had one of those in The Loft for some time now, and it's a lovely little kit. Emphasis on the 'little'.....

The Wooksta!:
Same mould.  AZ/KP seem to have purchased many of Pavla's tools and seem to be rereleasing the better ones.

Nope. If you look at the listings, they specifically say "new tool - not a Pavla kit" in the titles.

The latest batch of future releases on the Hannants pages include these 4 boxings which I know will interest some.

The listings are saying "New Tool". More details on the Hannants site.


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