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--- Quote --- I'd like to see them bring their old 1/72 F-86D Dog Sabre back. It was the first airfix kit I ever built and I had a blast with it.

With Special Hobby's F-86K kit out there, I think that wish is a long shot, but I haven't seen that old Dog Sabre kit in years and I'd love to have one for wiffing these days.
--- End quote ---
Picked up an F86D off a mates stand at a local model show a few weeks ago. Planning to use it for nextyears Telford theme.


--- Quote --- They could re - introduce their Bf 109E - that was a nice 1/72 kit, though doubtless the JMNs find fault with it.

I seem to remember the 1/72 boat series were quite good - RAF Rescue launch, E boat & Vosper MTB according to my failing memory.
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JMN's will find fault with ANYTHING Airfix jecause it is Airfix!!!

I've built 2 of the 3 little boats airfix produced, I am missing the rescue launch, and I have to say that they build pretty well and produce a very good model at the end of it.  


--- Quote --- JMN's will find fault with ANYTHING Airfix jecause it is Airfix!!!
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But at the same time, there is a large section of the UK modelling community who will not have a bad word said against Airfix, justified or not!  Who describe kits with no detail, warped fuselages and appalling fit as simply "needing a bit of work"

Lets face it, they've done some real dogs over the years.  If we're being totally honest, there's maybe half a dozen kits of theirs that you could say "its a really good kit, in no need of a more modern replacement"


--- Quote --- The Revell ...737-800... Boeing 747-400
--- End quote ---
The first is readily available (cheaply) from Revell, and the second.... BLEH!  Why?  Ick.  Spluh... Pafeh... (spitting profusely).

Nasty, nasty, nasty.  A lump if ever there was one.  Worse than the Minicraft 707, and that's BAD.


Ian the Kiwi Herder:
Transport Models in Preston have still got a lot of their old stock, the only new(ish) kit I saw on Monday was the Sea King/RNLI Lifeboat 'Dogfight Double' boxing.... personally my money will be on the helo, as it can land on water and there aint any chance of the Arun Class flying..... or so they tell us at work !

But seriously folks, it's quite an eye-opener to see how many folks here would like to see the old Sabre-Dog back - So would I.... loved that kit, similarly the F-80 (with better decals) that Terry mentioned. There's a load of their kits from the late seventies/early eighties I would happily find room for. But there's some that are so seriously flawed that putting them back onto the shelves could ultimately be counter-productive..... Bf110, Zero, Phantom, Mirage III, MiG 15, Beaufighter, IL2 all immediately spring-to-mind !

Well here's hoping the beautiful 1:48 Spit I is followed by the Canberra..... I've already cleared the shelf space in anticipation !



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