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New book coming soon.

See attached flyer and cover image.

It's in the final stages of production, and rests on a decade of research in archives, interviews with the engineers and experience of working on related projects.

Comments/questions welcome.

Cool! When will it be released, and how much will it cost?

The release 'date' is this summer. As I do this in my spare time, it is hard to nail it down exactly.

Price is around a tenner sterling, but depends on final page count. And that depends in part on comments people make - will you pay a pound or two more for extra bits? If so, what bits?

My past life in publishing showed me how knowing your customer is key, so let me know what you want and I'll see what I can do. For e.g., I guess modellers want clear plans, colour profiles etc. But do they need them to scale (a total pain to do!).

Hi Mike

Nice to see this one lined up to be published, from a modellers point of view a decent set of plans to scale wouldn't go amiss, but after that you could see if Chris can do some Variant drawings just to highlight some of the key differences between the many variants. Including some of the original detailed parts breakdown wouldn't be bad either as those are handy drawings giving a feeling for the shape and structure of the beast.

From a whiff side of things a bit of educated speculation about armament, markings and squadrons together with possibly comment on how operational different it would be to the Harrier it was intended to replace might help bulk it out (just dont get too outlandish or some people will focus on that rather than the actual story of our intended Harrier replacement)

All the best with bringing this together.



(PS ever considered doing the 1154 as a follow up  :thumbsup:)

Have you spoken to "Captain Freigtdog" please, pretty please, about colaborating in a kit?


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