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Two Bobs Decals


Green Dragon:
Just saw this "Victim Viper" decal sheet on Cybermodeler
What If QF-16 drones, who'd a thunk it?

Paul Harrison

i like the idea, but its more "when-if" the "what-if"
in 2006, there have been talks to use stored/retired F-16ADF's as drones.
as part of the AST project (Air Superiority Target) a number of vipers wer to replace the old QF-4, as the airframes are severly starting to get old and stocks of phantoms will eventually run out.
with the QF-16, fighters would have a more manuevrable target to practice with  :rolleyes:

Been there, done that.  Funny enough, using TwoBobs QF-4 decals..........

Green Dragon:
Looks great in those colours Scooterman.  :thumbsup:

Paul Harrison


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