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They were mentioned over at Cybermodeler for their 1/72nd scale C-1 cargo jet.
They do a nice AD4W/AEW.1, but also be sure to check out the A-10NAW in their banner!!

Link to page in English:

I was just over there and I was going to mention that banner!  Brill idea for your A-10NAW kits.  I even 'right-click-and-save'd it.

If not that, German cammies with a bunch of orange?


   Cool! Anyone up on their Japanese? I'd like to get a couple of the C-1s & P-2Js. Trumpeter, IIRC, is doing the A-10, but I might get theirs too.

English page:

The C-1 is over 200 USD  and the P-2J conversion is around 70 USD.

The A-10NAW conversion is for the Tamiya kit.


Martin H:
I would love that C 1 in my collection, but at 107 each before thinks it will have to wait a fair while lol


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