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Jeffry Fontaine:

--- Quote ---Why don't sll of us hit the site - they will take more notice if there are multiple requests.

To make it easier, here is a link to use
--- End quote ---

I took the time to create a polite message to Revell of Germany that I just posted via the link that you so kindly provided. (Revell of Germany Customer Comments Link)

If any of you wish to post something similar with additional comments please feel free to copy and past the following into the remarks box on the Revell of Germany page and add or delete as you see fit.  The more comments that are similar in subject, the better the chances of a response from them in the future as money is the bottom line for business and that is what really matters.  

--- Quote ---Would your company consider the possibility of producing a modern aircraft weapons set as an accessory kit for separate purchse? 

There is a real need for additional details such as this for many aircraft models in 1/144th scale, 1/72nd scale, 1/48th scale, 1/32nd scale, 1/35th scale, and 1/24th scale.  The majority of the weapons in question are already available in many of the model kits already produced by Revell of Germany.  If your company were to consider packaging these weapons as an accessory kit intended for separate purchase, I am quite certain that you would see some very successful sales figures for this kind of product. 

Many of my fellow model builders are eager to build certain modern aircraft but most model kits do not normally provide the right type of weapons for the projects we have in mind as we are creating things that are considered to be in the category of "What If"  (Hypothetical) and as such do not always construct the kit according to the instructions provided.  It is the What If or Hypothetical concepts that many of my fellow model builders find more satisfying and it is to this end that I am asking for your cooperation in giving us more options to consider with our model building projects in the future.  If Revell of Germany would at the very least consider the 1/144th, 1/72nd, and 1/48th scale weapons as a start to "test the waters" and determine if there is a real market opportunity.  I am quite certain your company would benefit from this in increased sales and the customers would benefit from having the opportunity to acquire and purchase additional model parts that do not require the additional burden of purchasing the entire model kit to only use the one or two missiles or bombs that are provided in that kit for nother model project. 

You only need to look at the sales of similar weapons sets from the Japanese company Hasegawa which are available in 1/72nd and 1/48th scale as an example.  The American company Accurate Miniatures has also released a weapons set for separate purchase that pertains to World War Two American aircraft ordnance that is also quite popular. 

Personally, I would enjoy the chance to purchase a separate kit of nothing but aircraft weapons in 1/48th scale and 1/72nd scale to support my many projects involving modern American and European aircraft in those particular scales.  I find the normal compliment of free fall bombs to be a bit outdated for the projects I am trying to create. 

Thank you for your contributions to the hobby industry,
--- End quote ---

Martin H:

--- Quote --- Now to do one in Iranian-like desert colors but with Israeli markings.   And, a nuke bunker kill mark with a Baghdad refueling sticker on the wing tanks.

Oof that's incorrect!........... B)

Daryl J.
--- End quote ---
ah ha u mean the disguised RAF birds that flew direct out of Basra LOL


--- Quote --- Why don't sll of us hit the site - they will take more notice if there are multiple requests.
--- End quote ---
I sent Revell the following comment:

Would it be possible to produce a modern aircraft weapons set as an accessory kit?
The latest airplane weapons (e.g. Meteor, Taurus, IRIS-T, Brimstone, Storm Shadow/Apache, Armiger, Mica, JDAM, JSOW, SDB) are currently available only as part of the latest airplane kits (like the Revell 1/48 Eurofighter) or are not available at all.

A set containing these weapons would be useful for people wanting to create near-future versions of aircraft like the Rafale and Eurofighter, or for building hypothetical aircraft, mixing e.g. American airframes with European weapons.  

With several of these weapons already available in current Revell kits, creating a separate weapons set could be done with limited investment.
Similar weapons sets from e.g. Hasegawa and Dragon are popular items, but only cover older weapons.

The most obvious scales for these weapons would be 1:48 and 1:72.
But I think a business case can also be made for one or more weapons sets in 1:144. The kits in this scale are often supplied with a limited number of older weapons. E.g. the Revell 1:144 Eurofighter comes only with Sidewinder and Sky Flash/Sparrow.
I have used the Arii 1:144 weapons sets in the past, but these are hard to obtain (I've imported them from Japan) and again offer a limited selection of older American weapons.
A 1:144 weapons set containing the weapons listed above, plus items like the Amraam, Alarm, and American and British laser-guided bombs would be a nice addition to the many high-quality 1:144 kits Revell has recently produced.  

Well, I just added my request to the list. Let's hope they listen.

Now since I just saw "1/48" and "Typhoon" on first glance, my initial thought was "That's gonna be a monster sub!!!!!"   :blink:


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