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I did decals for these about a year or so ago. Have since withdrawn them, but will re-release them again in the future, with some additions.




i for one just love them

Allan in Canberra


Hello Richard

I bought some from you at a SAPMA Expo some years ago as well as some of your Rafale decals.

I have used the Rafale decals but not the Ta-183 decals.

The decals are excellent and I can't wait to get some more.

Very Cool!  Richard, you need to release a book of all your Whif profiles. Or maybe a Calendar :)

Jeff G.


Son of Damian:
Coooooool!!! B)  B)  B)

Sweeeeeet!!! :D  :D  :D

Hmmmm......... thats odd, there is a blue whole in the middle of them??? :P  :P  :P  


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