Author Topic: Holiday Models Sale: Gloster CXP-1001, Heliconair HC-I Convertiplano, Tupolev Tu  (Read 278 times)

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The International Resin Modellers Association is offering some of our kits at a special discount for members of What If Modelers!

The following are available:

IRMA Kit No. 1 Gloster CXP-1001 US $50 each + shipping, currently 2x available

IRMA Kit No 5 Heliconair HC-I, II, Convertiplano US $75 each + shipping, currently 10x available

IRMA Kit No. 9 Tupolev Tu-12 US $140 each + shipping, currently 13x available

IRMA Kit No. 10 NACA-Langley-Jacobs-Jeep US $50 each + shipping, currently 10x available


For details, contact me on here or at
We make the kits no one else does!