1/72 Avro Anson I canopy query

Started by kitbasher, October 01, 2022, 08:10:30 AM

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My late Uncle Charlie flew as a W/T Op in Anson I trainers for most of WW2 (Squires Gate and Prince Edward Island).  I've found only one photo of one of 'his machines' but note that the impending Airfix 1/48 Anson includes an option for another one of 'his' machines.  I'm satisfiedassuming R9664 has the 'definitive' steeper pitched windscreen (and while I don't have definitive colours for the serial and aircraft code I can hazard a guess that the former is probably yellow and the latter probably white), but it seems K8727 had the earlier windscreen.

So short of buying a Special Hobby Anson does anyone know of a suitable vacform replacement for Ye Olde 1/72 Airfix Anson so I can build K8727?  I know Falcon does a set for the Airfix 1/72 kit but it's like-for-like replacement for the kit canopy.

Alternatively, does anyone have a spare Special Hobby 'early' windscreen for swap/purchase?
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May not be finding a SH early Anson.  I've one I can happily let go as I was going to do it as a late one, until I got the later SH boxing.
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