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Searching for 1/72 scale modern US Navy sailor figures.


I guess this would be right forum for this.?
I'm searching for 1/72 scale modern US Navy sailor figures. Preferably in white dress uniforms like you see manning the rails in some pictures.
If none can be found, then are there any 3D printable files someplace where modern US Navy sailor figures can be printed?
I need at least 47 figures for a future Iowa battleship memorial model I have in mind.

Just to cover your bases I'd post this in General Modelling Topics as well if I was you. :thumbsup:


Old Wombat:
I've done some searching but can't find anything to suit.

1/72 is difficult enough but dress uniform on parade is even more difficult, especially for USN sailors.

Sorry! :-\

Thanks for the advice. I know I'm hitting a brick wall with this subject.  :banghead:
But I'm hoping that maybe somewhere I'll eventually find something.

You might find something here


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