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Coventry Show 2022 - confirmed for 19th June 2022

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Show date is confirmed, Freightdog & Combat Kits booked in. Really looking forward to this, one of my favourite shows of the year.


Martin H:
The sig is also booked in for two tables. Im told were down in the Robin hanger this year.

So a busy June then. Northern is 5th (Jubilee Weekend), Elstree is 12th and now Coventry is 19th.

Howard of Effingham:
Hope to have a few new models for our stand this year along with a couple of refurbished whiffs.

Wiffed EE Lightning and Lockheed Starfighter for certain.

Looking forward to this one.

Erm, I'm meant to coming to Coventry, but I'm in Northants and most of my models are at home in Lydney, 120 miles away.............. :(

I could have the KMD-11 done by then, and even my 1 Week Build Defender too (if the paint dries fast enough..........)


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