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So with a bit of a prod from Kitbasher :thumbsup: I've decided to give this GB malarkey another go.
A Recce & Surveillance GB, wouldn't be a Recce & Surveillance GB, unless it had a Spitfire in it, now would it?
My first idea was to build a Recce version of the Spitfire 22/24 using Airfix's rather nice kit, and the obvious missing number
would have been PR.23, but unfortunately that mark was used for the still born Super Spitfire that would have been called the Valiant.
(you can't tell I've been reading my recently acquired 'Spitfire Bible' can you? :lol:)
On that note I've started an Airfix Spitfire 22/24 with regard to making a reconnaissance version. I've added Eduard Spitfire HF wing tips to extend the span (up to 40' over 36' I think) I've also removed the little bumps on the wing that the Wooksta says are for a Seafire and of course shaved off the the cannon blisters.
The trouble is to me the best looking Spitfires are the ones with the 'High' back fuselage, especially the Griffon engined ones. So after a little consideration I've decided to combine the Airfix PR.XIX fuselage with the Airfix F.22/24 wings, the Eduard extended wingtips and splice the 'Spiteful' tail from the F.22/24 on as well.
progress so far...

Spitfire by , on Flickr

As the more observant of you will notice I've had to add a shim to the tailplane group as I C****d up the cut. :rolleyes: not entirely unexpected i must admit,
In the background can be seen the Eduard 1/48th Mustang F.6D which probably won't make the GB even with an extension.


Looking much forward to see this put together!  :wub:

Sounds a very logical kitbash

So basicaly a PR version of the 21 then?



--- Quote from: Gondor on September 15, 2021, 12:26:09 pm ---So basicaly a PR version of the 21 then?


--- End quote ---

yup, I would guess that's a fair comment  :thumbsup:


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