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Aviation monument seen on holidays

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Hello all,

My girlfriend and I have been on holidays the past couple of weeks and we spent some of the time in the south central and south west parts of the Czech Republic.

One day, I took a solo day trip to České Budějovice and came upon this memorial to local men who were among the Czechoslovaks who joined the RAF in WWII. 

I've seen a lot of monuments to those men around the country, but this is easily one of the best thought out and presented ones I've seen to date.

That's really fitting. Thanks for posting  :thumbsup:

The torn wing makes it all the more poignant. Is it describing a particular incident?

Nice!! :thumbsup: :mellow:

I recognise the first name, Marek Frantisek, from the Battle of Britain Memorial across the river from my office. Turns out he is buried in Dagenham near where he crashed.

Are the aircraft in the pavement one of each type flown by the Czechs in exile?


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