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Pressed for time, especially now with... like...  6 hours left, I'm just copying this from my blog:

 "To my non-surprise but dismay and subsequent panic....  the one week GB is definitely upon us but in typical fashion, I'm behind the 8-ball yet again and there are only 3 friggin days left on it.  ;D  I did a blitz build once for the hell of it to try to knock out a build in one day. I accomplished this but also didn't.... It took less than 24 hours, but occurred over the span of two days. At the end I think it was about 10 hours in it? This thing... and by golly, it's one of my favorite "smalls" and turned out really damn nice, in my opinion:

There's something to be appreciated about the phrase "study long, study wrong." Sometimes when you dispense with the penchant to be perfect ... things just flow better and the result is nice. I've builds that took 20X longer than this Mustang that I'm not near as happy with so... take it for what it's worth. BUT ANYWAY.... point being is that I'm reasonably confident that if I can maintain focus, I can come up with something in three days.

With this in mind I burst into the storage room and started looking for what should be simple builds as contenders...... scanning..... scanning........    Then the Focke Wulf caught my eye. Should be simple.... it also has the benefit of being on the very top of a stack so I don't have to dig the damn thing out!  ;D

Turns out to be factory sealed. That's pretty neat I guess. Seems I messed up the corner. Oh well, not going to be a collectible anyway, I'm tearing this bitch open! lmao  Time to build, not to make wall decor.

Check it out!  $0.39   What a steal! 

1965! Someone can do the math and adjust that 39 cents price to 2021 money if they are so inclined to provide further trivia for this endeavor....   Speaking of, 1965...  means this kit is 56 years old. That's pretty cool!!!  (edit corrected math; forgot to subtract the 5)

So now on to what to do with it... I had thoughts of maybe making it Japanese but I'm having a hard time finding appropriate transfers so I'm thinking... of something else. I have some contenders and for some reason GREECE is getting the gears grinding a bit.... Hellenic FW-190?  Why not, I suppose....  I could try to cobble together a reasonable backstory or just "let it ride" and let the viewers come to their own conclusions. We'll see.. I may not even go with that... but.... it could be neat... I could make some sort of three color camo for it... perhaps reminiscent of the A7s. "

I lost an entire day on this so if I get it done, it'll be a two day build. So far, so good, though!

I'm painting the remaining parts for now and should be able to gloss it and start transfers soon. I don't know if I'll go all the way through with the Hellenic stuff or not, so this could change at the last hour and become African or South American (or something).

Old Wombat:
You can do it, Brad! :thumbsup:

I'm tryin!    Little less than two hours to go.....  I just wrapped up decalling and I'll put a lil microsol on the transfers then it's off for the last coat of clear then I glue on the props and landing gear and that's a wrap. Oh and glue the canopy on.

Check this out, though.... I decided for the hell of it to try to hand paint the little spinner swirl and I got in the first pass! I never tried it before but...  man, it turned out pretty good for free-hand brush painting! Another "tool" in the toolbox.

It's officially done at 11:07 P.M.!    I just have to take the pictures...  This is probably the quickest build I've ever done... I have maybe.... 5 hours in it over the span of two days.

The spinner swirl came out well  :thumbsup:


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