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As mentioned elsewhere, Iím looking at some photo storage solutions. Please bear with me while I run some tests. Iíll try to keep any pics uploaded interesting (if they show up, that is).

If one of you would confirm that you can see the pic, that would be helpful, as would comments or tips on pic storage, but donít feel obliged to. Iíll soon be moving on.

Yes, I can see that one just fine.  :thumbsup:

That is a good, clear picture.


I use Imgur as well for everything, but also DeviantArt for anything over 1280px (and all my renders are in 4k UHD)- but then that's embedding the link to the dA page because I loath their expiring image tokens.  Just remember, though, that Imgur has a 15mb file size limit.

Well, it seems to be working well enough, so Iím going ďliveĒ from now on.

--- Quote from: scooter on February 21, 2021, 02:43:55 pm ---Just remember, though, that Imgur has a 15mb file size limit.

--- End quote ---

I hope that wonít be a problem as I mostly canít be arsed to make any major photo efforts. Rather, tbh, I think the lesser quality might hide some imperfections in my execution of the models..  ;)
But thanks for heads up.

I chose Imgur because of the simplicity itís offering when running the entire process via a smartphone, from shooting via editing and uploading to writing and linking. And it seems to work well. At least given the minor effort I have put to it so far  :o


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