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Right here are the draft rules

1. Group Build runs from 00.01 Sunday 1st November 2020 to 24:00 Sunday  31st January 2021.

2. Your subject must be a captured example of whatever you are portraying, and this will clearly be most obvious from a change in markings. The only way your subject could remain in its original markings would be if you presented it in a small diorama with it surrounded by inquisitive captors. Whilst captured implies an armed conflict it might well be possible for you to work a scenario around a trade war, or another type of "Commercial Conflict" and if so then you are more than welcome to join in.

So conflict can be between countries or armed fractions, in any age and time (past and future).

Your subject can be of planes, boats, vehicles, etc in use or in prototype stage by one party in the conflict, and then captured and examined or used operational by the other side or sold on for third party use.

You can also portray a model of your subject after itís been modified by its captors.

3)  You may build, draw or write as many entries as you like (good luck!).  The posting of in-progress pictures is encouraged as always.  Back stories - however long or short - win extra points.  Well OK they don't but they're always nice to see.

4)  "Preparation" work is allowed prior to the start of the GB - this includes the cutting out and cleaning up of parts, even printing your own decals, but anything involving paint or glue is not allowed.

5)  Part-started models will be considered by the moderators. You should explain what you have done or post pics (even better) and they will decide, their decision being final - we are relying on the honour of our membership to uphold this rule.

6)  No rule 6 - is there ever a rule 6 ? Itís one rule or another so from now on itís 6
7)  Moderators Ė TomZ and Hobbes so dank je gents.

Thanks for setting this up, and pre-thanks to the moderators.

Rules look good to me. I do like the captured theme over a routine alternate markings entry- makes you think a bit more for a suitable story.   


I might just have something that I can  build for  this that will  also  fit in with my current  build  theme.  Are defected aircraft  allowed  , or just  something that has been taken  under force

Defected aircraft are allowed, as long as it's visible somehow that the aircraft has defected.

the Germans had a specific camouflage for captured aircraft .I believe they had s yellow underside


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