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Secret Projects Forum has had a major upgrade


If you haven't visited recently or have never been before, the Secret Projects Forum has had a major upgrade from a free (SMF) to a commercial forum system (Xenforo).

Its a place you can find pictures, documents and discussions about unbuilt projects, particularly aircraft projects but also others.

I'd be interested in your views on the new forum system. Would you want Whatif Modellers forum to be migrated to the same system?

I don't see a lot of advantages to the one we have now.
I like the peace and quiet of the present interface. But then that probably due to my age  ;D

But at least it is better than the "new" Hyperscale on Tapatalk.


okay, i didnt want to create a new thread, but i have a question.
is it normal that it takes a long time to get a confirmation e-mail after registration?

i registered 2 days ago and i still havent recieved a confirmation e-mail, and i already sent out 8 resends.

Nils, I would PM Paul (overscan) directly.


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