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My Toolbox just got Bigger!

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Thought I would start this thread seeing that there apparently is not one that covers this specifically.


Well I bought a couple of weeks ago a drill from Lidl for a very nice price.

The item was a "Parkside" Modelling & Engraving set "PMGS 12 C3" is the type.

I do already have an electric drill but in the next few days that will be packed away for this little beauty to take its place on my modelling bench. The sliding Power switch on the handle starts slow enough to use a cutting disc on/in/through plastic with no problems such as additional swarf or melting the hole behind the cut due to friction.

I have also found in Lidl in the last month or so a set of files. "Powerfix Profi" Diamond Warding Files, its a set of ten files described as "Ideal for working with hard metals, ceramics, glass, etc." so sounds ideal for some of the odd plastics that we meet now and again.


I'll play  ;D

Never thought of looking in Lidl's, but to be honest I haven't got a handy one.

Anyway recently in Tiger (the up market Store) I've got tweezers of various types/sizes and some small glass jars with the lids that are held on by the old fashioned style metal push down/lift up contraption (used to be on pop bottles) which are idea for storing thinners, Klear and many other liquids. 2 for a or as they were on special offer 4 for a   :thumbsup:

Well worth looking in

Picked up the set of tools that went with the drill I bought earlier. I was surprised to see that the variable speed drill was still available although it will probably depend on which store you go to


Picked up some more double sided "padded" tape from Store. They had a lot in and you never know when they'll stop selling it.

Picked up a set of four clamps in Lidl's today for just under 4. A bit bigger and heftier than I already have but ideal for large areas at a good price too.



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