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This year will be the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.  It would be good to commemorate it over it's official duration, 10th July to 31st October.  That would give us the traditional three months, plus a pre-arranged extension period. :thumbsup:

So, I'll leave it your imaginations as to what to build....

Brian da Basher:
I really like this idea, Mossie! The Battle of Britain anniversary should always be commemorated and the 70th even more so! The possibilities for whiffs are numerous (captured Bf-109 in RAF colors/markings used against former owners? new German bomber with twice the payload?) and the camo schemes are a lot of fun.
 Sounds like a blast!
 :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Brian da Basher

Some ideas to play with:

1. The Fugee Fighters

Large contingents of pilots and planes escape to Britain from overrun countries and are impressed into service, with the planes hastily re-painted in RAF colours to avoid blue-on-blues. Basically, anything Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Belgian, Dutch or French in RAF(ish) markings with "Free-<wherever>" stripes, badges etc....

2. Makin' up the Numbers

Pre-war re-equipment plans go partially awry, so the RAF desperately buys up any "export fighter" it can get it's hands on. Possibilities: Curtiss Hawk, Fokker D.XXI or D.XXIII, Pzl P.24, Severskys, Re.2000 (nearly happened).....

For their part, the Luftwaffe captures large quantities of serviceable foreign aircraft and puts them into service, much as the army did with captured vehicles. Possibilities: anything Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Belgian, Dutch or French.

3. Ultimate Biplanes

Spanish Civil War experience cons the RAF and Luftwaffe into building "ultimate biplanes" the way it did the Italians and Soviets. Gladiator/Fury/Hs-123 with retractable gear, blended strut/gull wings, enclosed cockpits etc..

4. Everybody has turret fighters

The BP Defiant concept catches on worldwide. Luftwaffe possibles: He-70 with Db.601 and turret, Bf-110 with turret. RAF possibles: operational Hawker Hotspur, Fulmar with turret, Blenheim with bigger engines and turret. Germans concept could have single 20mm Oerlikon MGFFs in turret and fuselage, Brits would have the Defiant's 4 x .303 job.

5. Radial Chic

The RAF and Luftwaffe have far more interest in radial-engined fighters than in real life. For the RAF, productionise any of the F.5.34 contenders, radial-ize the Hurricane/Spit/Defiant or monoplane-ize the Gladiator. For the Luftwaffe, radial-ize the Bf-109/He-112, monoplane-ize the Hs-123 or de-evolve the Fw-190 with a earlier engine.

Sounds like a plan! :thumbsup:

How aboout the jet's potential being recognised much earllier that it was? First gen jet fighters ~HE180 & 280 against The whittle jet. Ju88's etc with early jet engines ~There have already been jet engined Spit's on here but Jet engined Mk1's? How about a Jet Hurricane?

Just another ingredient to throw into the mix.


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