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Found Objects: Hobbycraft eggs on sale

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More useful Whiff fodder, this time from Sainsburys:

The red and purple things are roller stampers, i.e. they have an ink roller in the dome and a stamp in the disc. Main thing from my POV though, is that they have a perfect, moulding "nipple" free, clear dome of 26mm OD -  useful for all sorts of things.  :wub:  The rest of the shape has obvious possibilities too. 2.00 for four.

The small domes are "frosted pearl cabouchons" from the craft range. Again, nice, small opaque domes, suitable as radomes, sensors, etc. 1.00 for a packet of 22.

nice one, I will look into those.
I use plastic 6mm airsoft BB's from gunshops, for my FLIR turrets on stuff. The ones I use are the white ones but, they need to be stuck with superglue. They cost me about 20p for 50.

How about the little titanium coloured fake pearls from craft shops?  I have used them for gun turrets in the past, but they would make splendid FLIR turrets with the addition of a small lens...

For full spheres you can spherical-headed push-pins that also, of course, incorporate a handy axle. The plastic is hard as hell and prone to cracking if you apply to much force, but on the other hand, it does mean you can use power tools on it without melting it into mush.

Think I'll use this thread to bring all my Found Objects pics into one place, since they're a bit scattered. If anyoone else finds anything tasty, please feel free to add it.

First off, a new one. I found these "Pop Crayons" in the toy section of a local garden centre. The cap fits on both ends of the body and the plastic is pretty hard stuff. Might make an EXINT pod in 1/72nd or a submunition dispenser in a larger scale:

Gaviscon (anti-indigestion tablets) container:

Mapad-brand pencil sharpeners:

Mapad erasers and a travel toothbrush cover:

More Mapad pencil sharpeners and a giant pen-shaped stationary set:

Left to Right, Ensure cap (prescription high-energy drink) another Mapad eraser and a re-sealable milk-bottle cap:


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