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Hi folks,

A thread for that perennial favourite - the Shark's Mouth or Tiger's Mouth (or anything with lots of sharp teeth - even the vicious killer Rabbit of Caerbannog is acceptable).  To start, here's a cool pic of a F/A-18 mouth:




That P-3 is the least aggressive sharkmouth I have ever seen! :D

I'm sure you'll have seen this one before Nev!  Straight out of Walt Disney!  The story is that 5 Sqn's commander came back from an exchange in the US & was impressed with the sharkmouths.  On return, he gave an order for several of the Lightning's to be painted up with sharkmouths.  Trouble is, they didn't last long, as the crews hated them!  You can't blame them, I think they would have looked much better with a more aggressive expression.

This is XM.191, a F.1A nose painted to represent the F.6's.

Regarding the P-3, I think it's down to the eye.  Doing a few profiles, I've found that even if you have an aggressive mouth, the shape, position & angle of the eye can make a big difference.  Sharkmouths don't look right without eyes, I find.

A few of my SR.177 profiles:


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