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I have to confess I am a bit intimidated by the off-site photo-upload system most people seem to use here. I  **REALLY** liked the forum's own system, but (sigh) I guess that is history now. :angry:

Can someone "walk me through" a typical posting here using an off-site photo repository, so I can have a chance at doing it right? :unsure:

1:  sign up with photobucket
2: create an album, such as "models 09"
3: upload your image(s)
4: underneath your images in the album, there will be a series of bars,
    direct link
    html code
    img code

    Pick the "direct link" line, and copy it.

5:  on the thread that you would like to post your image to, select the "image" icon (the little landscape looking thing, 2nd in from the left on the lower bar, above the emoticons.) 
6: paste the copied link into the image line.
7: submit your post !

   Make sure you keep the images somewhat small, I always resize everything to be 800 px wide at the most.

If you have any further problems, feel free to call me and I can walk you through it.


Gotta get to work, but will try it out this evening.

Thanks. Hopefully others will see this. You will have "done your good deed for the day" here! ;D

Can I ask a question ?

When I load pics to Photobucket it gives me -tiny, small, medium, large, 15", 17" and 1 megabyte - size options to save as. Whats the best one to use for subsequent posting here ? Only I now find I can only load 1 image per page rather then the 4 I could via the direct post method previously available.



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