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Old Wombat:
Only one vote between 1st & 2nd, which have pulled away from the tie in 3rd! :thumbsup:

The end of the build snuck up on us a bit, but it was a close run thing at the end.

Brad's four engined Caravelle JUST pipped Dave's four engined B-47 by one vote, with Dizzy's Me-309T only trailing by another two!




Well done Brad! Congratulations. And it was brown! 

Big salute to everyone and to the esteemed organizers and moderators. Thank you.

Fun theme. 

What!! No way, man!!!!!! I'm so happy!!! I ain't won one of these yet, this is fun!   :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:   Super smile here! 

I am humbled and very honoured. Truly.... thank you all and congratulations to everyone in the top rankings; the selection was magnificent and voting strenuous. All the entries were astounding in creativity and craftsmanship. WIM come prepared! I guarantee all these projects are worthy.  &lt;_&lt;   

Blown away... I'm glad I found my way back to this hobby and found a home here with you all, the most creative of model builders.  :bow: :cheers:

Well done Brad C on the win.
Well done everyone who took part.
Well done the mods.


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