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Delayed +++ A fake Boeing 737 (or a semi DC-8)

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I hope you get the kinks worked out.  Agreed... that's a good price for that 720!! I bought one in the past year myself. The Pan Am boxing as I wouldn't have to alter the engines in it (the rest have incorrect engines for the subjects). Too bad ol' boy fell ill. Hope he feels better soon but what a bummer!

Oddly enough, I have far-off future plans to do something very similar. I was going to make a "707 SP" by using a 737 fuselage and the 707 wings and engines but I was ALSO in turn going to use the 707 fuselage with the 737 wings and engines to make a "737-1000" or some such....     the latest 737 are just shy of 707 lengths anyway but with the few extra (measurment units) of fuselage length it would still be the longest 737 yet.

Yes, the latest 737 are HUGE aircraft - I saw a model of a -8 in my LHS, and it is just as big as a 727-200, I was a little shocked. I am rather trying to create something shorter. like the early 737-200 or so - IF I get my hands on a donor kit soon...  :rolleyes:

I don't know why they don't just re-issue the 707 drawings and slap the latest 737 wings on them. At least it'd be a well tested airframe.  ;) ;D

Boeing is determined to keep the 737 line running for infinity. The weird space planes L Ron Hubbard wrote about weren't DC-8s, they were 737s from the future.  :wacko:

Well, while waiting for a kit basis I just started another small project, another whiffy tank...  :rolleyes:


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