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It's early, but this will be another entry into the GB - and a plan I had on the agenda for some time. It's basically a Tunnan with two axial engines, but with some other mods to make it suitable for supersonic flight, e. g. different wings and an air intake with a sharp lip. Basis will be the Matchbox Saab 29, with lots of donor parts and some serious PSR on the fuselage.

Interesting;.. ;)

Work has already started while the "Bastang II" is till waiting for pics - it is currently just too hot for photo sessions... The engines will be an aftermarket resin part for a Hasegawa B-47, for the inner twin engine pod. It fits well into the profile, but it is a little wider than expected, so that the Tunnan will receive some pronouned hips.  :rolleyes: Hence it will receive the nickname "Kurviga Tunnan". It really got curves now!

The air intake will also be changed with an F-100 part, and there will be new wings with a higher sweep angle, I currently favor parts from a PM Model Ta 183. Sounds weird, but shape and size look good so far.  :wacko:

Good luck, Dizzy.  Iím still plodding on with

That looks sexy! My Tunnan will probably be even more bulbous around the back, though, but the concept is similar.  :thumbsup:


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