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No not THE Wellington, rather A Wellington.  Mercury-engined Wellesley development for the general reconnaissance role that in the so-called real world was briefly undertaken by the Avro Anson, and for the torpedo bomber role by the Vickers Wildebeest.  Using the Matchbox Wellesley and old-school Airfix Blenheim engines/undercarriage.  if it ends up lugging a torpedo that'll come from a Matchbox/Revell Beaufighter.

The model started as a part-build (entry okayed by the Mods before the GB began). 

This weekend stripped of paint ready to take the new parts.  Blenheim engines assembled, one undercarriage unit built and fitted to the lower half of the Blenheim u/c nacelle.  This came from  the Blenheim that’s being cross-kitted with an Airfix Boeing Clipper to create a Bristol Beaumaris (highly stalled build, see

Wellesley undercarriage doors fitted to fill in the wheel wells.  The sole undercarriage unit has been fitted to a wing.

To where the Wellesley’s single Pegasus would be fitted a modified resin (IIRC from The Wooksta) Mosquito NF.XIII thimble nose has been added.  Needs fairing in and sanding to shape but otherwise a good match in terms of size and shape.  Would have used an NF.II/FB.VI nose fairing if I’d had one.

Progress with the Wellington.

Part-build as okayed by the mods, having been duly stripped and with the Mosquito nose fitted. 

Engines and nacelles fitted, with some PSR done. Plan is to fit two .303 MGs in the nose and keep the single Vickers gun in the rear.  Had contemplated 4 up front as with the Mossie but late-30's British aircraft could be somewhat undergunned.  That informed not fitting a turret in lieu of the original Wellesley configuration. A more extreme build would have had the nose tampered with rather more extremely to get a Martin B-10 look.  but that would mean the 'Wellington' never being finished in time for the GB deadline!

That's looking VERY believable Dave, I like it a lot!  :thumbsup:


--- Quote from: PR19_Kit on September 15, 2019, 10:33:57 am ---That's looking VERY believable Dave, I like it a lot!  :thumbsup:

--- End quote ---

Thanks Kit, it's a build that's been high on my list forever and feared someone would beat me to it.  Amazed they haven't to be honest.

Another quandary is bomb load.  Use the Wellesley wing fairings or strap bombs to the wings.  I've some Airfix Fairey Battle 250 pounders that would do the trick - four would result in a bomb load only 200 lbs less than a Blenheim's but half a Wellesley's.  Still a lot more than (spoiler alert) an Anson I carried in the GR role at the start of WW2.


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