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A Little VC-Tenderness...

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For this GB I shall be attempting not to ruin the looks of one of the most beautiful and iconic Jet Airliners ever built...
Inspired by Rolls-Royce's RB211 Engine test bed XR609/G-AXLR
see here: and the fact that at one point when they were converting the Ex B.A. VC-10's to K.3 K.4 Tankers, they'd considered replacing the RR Conways with IAE V2500 engines, I thought why not replace 4 Conways with two RB211?
I've got two Braz Mod RB211's and the newish Roden VC-10 kit to be going on with.
The trouble is the Engines are made of resin and are quite heavy, especially if your going to be putting them at the very back of the Airframe, I may rummage in the spares box and see if i have some injection molded RB211ish type engines. (possibly from the Minicraft B757 the RB211's were intended for).


Entered service with Laker under a pre-767 ETOPS-like permit...?

I did a model of G-AXLR a while ago, that may provide some tips for the engine installation. Note that G-AXLR used an engine meant for underwing pylon use, hence the big fairing on top. Presumably a production version would have a neater installation with no need for the fairing.

and yes, it's definitely a tailsitter (even with just 1 BraZ engine).

Sounds great!!!   

I did my VC-10 AEW5 using the engines from the Revel Beluga kit.


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