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What if an avro manchester was given a couple more engines? Perhaps just increase the centre span a bit...  ;D

I might keep going with my Lansen theme at the moment and build the twin engine F version  ;D


That sounds sexy!


--- Quote from: Dizzyfugu on June 19, 2019, 02:43:10 am ---That sounds sexy!

--- End quote ---

As long as I don't put too wide a pair of engines into her or end up making it a fat bottomed girl  :-\



--- Quote from: Dizzyfugu on June 19, 2019, 12:11:20 am ---Already have two or three ideas from my vast idea list that might materialize under the "inspirational push" of this GB. One is a Saab 29 prototype with two axial engines, different wings and other mods - not certain if this actually works, but the idea is there, as well as the parts. Then I hope to make a single engine D.H. 88 Comet - not certain if it will be a military aircraft or something civil. And then I found a surplus Westland Whirlwind in the stash...  :wacko:

--- End quote ---

Now that reminds me: the original plan for the jet bomber that became the Canberra had a single HUGE centrifugal engine in the rear fuselage.


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