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The Rat:
There is actually a rule 6.

I feel a great disturbance in The Force.

Now I need a small scale C-130!

Does an additional engine or engines have to be an integral part of the structure? If not, then the addition of RATO bottles or a ZELL booster to just about anything could count as 'adding an engine'...


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I have been planning since then to build the left hand one.  Is it eligible for this GB?
I strongly believe it is a Mustang with two engines (in line with Tophe's goal of drawing every possible Mustang variation) even if about 2/3 of the plastic will be Dinah.

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And he's doing every IMpossible variation too!  ;D

And yes, you're good to go with that idea Fred.

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Cool.  I'll order more filler...

Hmm, a long abandoned idea comes to mind.


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