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Right gents here's the draft rules for your perusal. Couple of weeks to sort out/confirm before we kick off.


1. This GB runs from the 1st July 2019 until midnight of 30th September 2019, all timings are local.

Extensions will be considered in the normal way nearer the date.

2. Quite simply your build must include/involve the addition of an engine/engines or the subtraction of an engine/engines from whatever is your starting point. So in simple terms turn a single engined aircraft into a twin engined one or maybe a tri-motor into a bi-motor ?

3. Models, drawings, artwork and stories are all eligible.

4. Models already started are allowed as long as major building work has not started before the GB begins. Check with the Moderators. 

5. Finished models and profiles to be posted (with picture and link to build thread) in the finished builds thread within the overall GB thread in this Board. Please do not post comments in the finished builds thread.

6. Have FUN. 

8. Moderators are Rickshaw and PR19 Kit.

9. There is no rule 7, don't EVER ask about rule 7 (O.K. so sometimes itís Rule 6 that doesn't get mentioned, but Rule 7 had a right moan about being overworked last time out so I gave in ).

Just a random thought:
I suppose Rule 2 would cover adding engine(s) to a subject that never had any, or removing all engines from a subject that had one (or more).

It does indeed, either of those scenarios is acceptable.

How about changing the type of engines? Prop to jet? Turbo prop to warp drive? Maybe as long as it includes changing the number of engines?
Assuming C-130s will be built forever a Federation model with warp drive engines popped into my head.

The mods will discuss that idea and get back to you.


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