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Started by Tojo633, November 07, 2009, 12:18:16 PM

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be well wary of this conman, I won a job lot of build models 100% fair and square. He agreed to post them but didn't clarify the correct amount, well if someone says £15 to £20 what do you do? I paid promptly and paid £15 to the postage and repeatedly requested confirmation of any further funds needed for postage etc. Don't expect promt replied either from this person, he told me on 2 occasions the goods had been posted and I finally had to lodge a complaint though Paypal/ebay etc. I did get a full refund of the moneys and he said sorry for my troubles but made a bitchy comment that I had not paid the postage in full, which isn't quite true. Anyway having looked into his feedback in the months after this, it reads like a rash of bad deals, items not sent, no refunds etc etc.
Ebay themselves are not a lot of help either as they tie you up in so much red tape its almost a joke, I would suggest that in future if in the UK go to the cops and don't waste any time with Ebay customer support. The retail law is enforcable and taking money for goods and not supplying them is fraud. Quite annoyed as you may gather as I believe he most likely had no intention of posting them and I reckon he got a secondary offer from someone else even though I won them fair and square in the first place. "Buyer beware!"
Should add that I do not like slating anyone in this way but I will leave the final comment to one of his other pleased customers. "Seller is a untrustworthy liar" I don't think he is trading under the same name if at all.


Thanks for the heads up Sandy,
Even though we should not have to be exposed to people like this, I do agree that they should be named and shamed and held accountable for their actions and be dealt with by the law. Be it their first time or thirty-first time, they should be reprimanded accordingly. We get ripped off enough in this world. :drink:
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sorry to hear all that

must admit that unless a seller has 99%/100+transactions i tend not to bother...........been burned too many times in the past
.............hes a very naughty boy!
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Just to be clear I would not normally bitch like this, but in the circumtance felt a warning to all was required. More so as the traders account seems to have been cancelled, he may well be under a different ID now who knows. Overall though I have had very few problems with online auctions, and where problems have occurred they are usually resolved.