Scale Model world 2020 virtual What if Sig stand.

Started by Martin H, November 06, 2020, 07:19:11 AM

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A few more from me

Hawker Tempest Mk I

Ha 137 France 1940

He 100 France 1940

The fourth V Bomber, Armstrong Whitworth Vengeance

A.V.G Hurricane

Decals my @r$e!


Here's some REALLY vintage car model Whiffs, from the mid 70s even.

My first car whiff, the Super Bug, built in 1972, and it won the class at the IPMS Nationals that year!  :o

It's an Airfix Bond Bug cab and nose mounted on a Revell 22Jr chassis with a Ford SOHC 427 from the IMC Ford GT kit. The trick is that the Bug is 1/32 and the rest is 1/24.  ;D

Second one (also a Class winner...  ;D) is the GeeTO Tiger funny car.

It has an AMT Barracuda funny car body front grafted onto the rear body of a Pontiac GTO, which was narrowed and shaved as well. The rear chassis was scratchbuilt and carries the drag engine from the GTO.  Sadly I can't remember where the front chassis came from but I suspect it came from the 22Jr kit as well, there were two car kits in the same box.

And the third, and last, one is the All American Rail (which also won the class, and I gave up after that...)

Built in commemoration of the USA's 200th Anniversary in 1976, it has a chassis made from two Revell Keeling and Clayton AA/FD dragster kits, complete with both engines (which for some reason had DIFFERENT supercharger intakes  :-\) and the entire body was stretch moulded over a balsa former, which I still have amazingly. It's patterned after a stretched version of the Lotus 56 Indy turbine car, which I loved, so I made a longer one.  ;D
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An RAAF Dart Herald tactical transport.

Top tips for building one of these, Mr Rickshaw?

Take a 1 x 1/72 Dart Herald kit.  1 x 1/100 Transall kit.  A whole load of putty and plasticard.  You need to split the Dart Herald forward fuselage and widen it to same width as the Transall tail.

Cheers, that helps.  I was surprised to think a 1/100 Transall fuselage would be as wide as a 1/72 Heralds, but when one stops to think about it a Transall - like a Breguet Atlantique - is a deceptively large aircraft.  No surprise really, as it's roughly a C-130 equivalent.

I guess you used a Heller/Revell kit (had to Google that!)?
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The C-160 is a lot wider than the C-130 and only has two turboprop engines compared to four on the C-130.

Martin H

Its now 7:10 pm here in the UK. If it had gone ahead the show would have ended just over 2 hours ago.

So its time to close the thread to new posts.

Many thanks to those who took part and made this work better than I hoped it would.  :thumbsup:

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