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I am happy with imageshack. Small fee I pay annually. Easy to share images.

Can see the image fine  :thumbsup:

--- Quote from: zenrat on February 22, 2021, 03:25:27 am ---After img add "width=desired width".
So for example, if you wanted it 800 pixels wide your first set of square brackets would read;

[img width=800]

--- End quote ---

I think it was Old Wombat who taught me the above, so if I can do it anyone can  ;D I personally use "width=900  :thumbsup:

Personally when it comes to image storing I still use PB. Yes I know all the shenanigans of the last year or so, but I had a good annual deal with them whilst that was going on and they had to stick with it. When that ran out they'd sorted themselves out and I got what I consider to be a good monthly deal for unlimited storage and I have a lot of images stored, years worth of travel as well as models. Plus I know how to use it which in all seriousness is a big plus point for me.

Some hosting sites (I know Flickr) let you choose a size for the image to display. I dont know about imgur

I can see it too


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