Alleycat ending direct sales

Started by Weaver, October 02, 2021, 04:08:35 AM

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Message on the Alleycat site:

Update time! 15/09/2021.
I hope everyone out there has managed to stay as safe and well as possible.

After an interesting summer with various meets with orthopaedic consultants which confirmed things were worse than thought, the time has arrived for direct sales to stop.

As of now all new direct sales are closed. All pre existing back orders will continue to be fulfilled as items arrive back in stock.

All UK and Rest of the world direct sales will now be available through Models For Sale via their website going forward: www.modelsforsale.com

This may well be starting as of this week, check their website regularly for things going live.

European sales may well also be via Aviation Megastore and US/Canada via Scott Zuibeck potentially in the future. Australia and NZ and Far East no other discussions as yet.

Keep well out there, COVID is not done with us yet.

Stay safe and well!
All the best, and happy modelling Alec.
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The Wooksta!

At least Models for Sale have a decent turnaround on orders, perhaps a week?  Whereas Alleycat seemed to work on geological time to send yet faster than a slot jockey in Vegas when taking your cash.
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I had a look and they don't have the complete range in 1/72 scale.