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1/72 dragon with canards
« on: March 16, 2019, 06:08:04 am »
so this is my contribution to the GB (if my mojo doesn't collapse into the dust that is, as it really, really loves doing that...)  :banghead:
It's a depiction of a new breed of dragons that grows canards from its eyebrows or neck, respectively.

...that line that crosses the wingspan is to be the center of gravity...

I'll make it mostly out of paper and cardboard, relying on greaseproof paper for the wings, so they are especially translucent (with thick veins and such...)
And this is a rough outline of the story behind it, more when the project is hopefully finished...

"The specimen shown here is a product of breeding by the Valyrian Freehold, a political entity in the "A song of Ice and Fire" world by George R.R. Martin. While subduing it's neighbours, the Valyrians extensively relied on dragons, which they first encountered and tamed on the valyrian peninsula, thousands of years ago. However at some point their enemies began working on better and better heavy scorpions, basically oversized bows, with which they began scoring more and more ground to air kills against manned dragons.

Though dragons were numerous at any time in valyria, maintenance and training for them was exceedingly expensive, as well as the payment for skilled dragon riders. When losses began mounting, the valyrian high command began searching for ways to make dragons more maneuverable, but to limited success. A new breed however promised a significant increase in maneuverability and thus increasing survivability in case of enemy ground fire: A breed that developed canard wings from its eyebrow tissue.

Research and development of this new breed would take several generations of dragons to optimize. As soon as a few "prototypes" where available, one was rushed into combat testing on the northern front against the city state of Qohor. While on duty there it prooved to be far superior to regular breeds in service and the high command prepared to issue an initial request for 20 dragons of this new breed.

On the day of signing, however, the Doom of Valyria happened. As one of the few surviving valyrian dragons, this specimen was extensively used by the surviving dragon lords. But poor maintenance and irregular food supply proved to be very detrimental to the still very sensitive animal and it died within a year of the Doom." be honest here, this is not an entirely new idea. I actually had the inspiration way back in 2014 or so and drew a free hand drawing (which I then mirrored on the computer so that it is symmetrical.

I've been drawing and thinking and giving up at it several dozen times since then, so you could say that this had a protracted development...  ;)
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Re: 1/72 dragon with canards
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2019, 07:44:16 am »
This looks fascinating! I can't wait to see you build it. Definitely fits in the Unconventional Means category.
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Re: 1/72 dragon with canards
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2019, 04:34:10 am »
I'm gobsmacked at this, really looking forward to it  :thumbsup:
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