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Ever buy a whole kit for a tiny bit?

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Recently a Matchbox F-101 Voodoo primarily for the RF-101B camera fairing.
Twice the Italeri Ju 188 because of the optional extra engines (so that a complete kit is still left over).
A Heller Bf 109K for the engine - grafted onto a Fw 190D; the leftover 109 later received a different engine (from a MiG-3), and the latter now waits in the donor bank...

Bought a Heller Transall for the Tyne engines, gave the rest away.

Doug K:
Mainly Matchbox or similar old kits, there are 2 Beaufighters donating engines to Defiants, a Tempest that did the same. A Brengun Spit floatplane donated floats to the same series of builds - I have enough Spit bits to keep me going for quite a while!


--- Quote from: sandiego89 on September 01, 2021, 01:39:18 pm ---
U-2 for the wings (before Kit S. took on a sizable portion of the free worlds reserve)

--- End quote ---

Who? Me? Would I do something as underhand as that?

You BET I would!  ;D

I just did the 'buy a whole kit for one piece' business when I got the SH Prone Pilot Meteor just for the prone canopy bit for my PP Hunter.

Oh, yes definitely!

Recently needed a 1/48 F4-F maingear. So bought an 1/48 F4-F4 S ( floatversion) as it had the parts I need, without totalling the kit to useless plastic. So, I can sell the kit with some discount as I don't build 1/48.

Anyone looking for an 1/48 F4-F4 S?

David aka 63CPE


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