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Ever buy a whole kit for a tiny bit?

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Gondors post looking a Victor part (and he did the correct thing and bought another kit!)  ;) got me thinking of the kits I have bought for just a tiny bit:
Entire new F-117 for a canopy lost to the carpet monster.
F-8 for the fuselage cannon fairings/door.
U-2 for the wings (before Kit S. took on a sizable portion of the free worlds reserve)

Confession time.....your secrets are safe here......


Italeri Jaguar T.2 because it's the only Jaguar kit with separate gun muzzles, which I want to nick for something else.

Not too extreme but I bought a Kinetic F-16A European boxing just because it was the most readily available source of Penguin missiles for my RNZAF AMX. Also recently bought a Revellogram Blackbird just for the intake shock cones for a Sci-Fi build underway. 

Bought a 1/48 Hawkeye kit for the nacelles that I eventually never used.

Hmm, guess this is something I have never done but if you want to look at extremes look at the guys and gals who are trying to replicate the studio scale models in the original Star Wars films.  Some of those kits are extremely pricey.

I once traded a guy in England a couple of L'eggs Pantyhose eggs (knew I saved them for a reason) for a then new ARC-170 kit that wasn't available on this side of the pond yet.
He was doing the Y-Wing and needed them for the engine fronts.


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