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Doug K:
Well done all, it was fun


--- Quote from: jalles on October 27, 2018, 06:53:51 am ---Considering the quantity and quality of the entrants I'm stoked with second place!  :thumbsup:

Thanks to the mods for putting this on and thanks to everyone who voted and participated! There were so many great builds.

Congrats to Kit, awesome job!

--- Quote from: PR19_Kit on October 27, 2018, 05:11:56 am ---That was pure scratchbuilding, whereas my stuff were kit bashes at best, or just a repaint in the case of the Canberra.

--- End quote ---

Hey, don't sell yourself short. I've kitbashed and scratchbuilt and sometimes trying to get disparate parts to blend together is far more frustrating and difficult than just starting from scratch. Anyway, I loved the Rotocrane, a well deserved win!

--- End quote ---

The choice was very difficult to make, a lot of really fantastic builds. However I ended up voting for the top three, Kit' builds always amaze me, and Jalles' are just awesome (I was going to insert that awesome image but decided not to because I don't want to over use it   ;D ;D ;D ) 

Great GB, great winners - well done Kit and Jalles :thumbsup:.  Meanwhile I plod on with my efforts.

I would certainly not have put money on either of the first two as to which would come in first. I was the first to vote and I voted for both.
If I was asked what made it to the finish line first, I would suggest Imagination. The Tempest was a fairly straight forward thought process, the Rotocrane is just WILD. I rest my case.

Woo yeah!!!!! Congratulations!!   This was a good'n. I always say it .. but... it was exceptionally difficult to vote this time, even with the additional slots.

Quite the successful group build, I'd say. ✨😃✨😎


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