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Posting images from Photobucket

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Now I know this has been asked and answered before but I can't find it  :banghead:

I have 2 1946 GB builds almost ready to post but for the life of me can't figure out how to post from Photobucket !

Can someone please post a "click by click" idiots guide on how to post from Photobucket ?

Maybe then we can pin it for those of us who are IT thick ?

Thanks in advance


Imagine me trying to sort all that out?!!!

I'd need to dance naked a slaughter a dozen slaves first  :wub: :wub:


If you click on 'direct link' in Photobucket, it will copy the hotllink for the picture in question.  Then on here, click the 'inset image' button (looks like a small picture, second button from the left below the character formatting bar.  That will bring up [IMG][\IMG] on your post (The actual slash will go in the opposite direction (/), but if I don't do it like that, it will try to insert a picture).  Insert the hotlink between these two bracketed items and the picture will appear in your post.




Doesn't Photobucket have a way of showing you the 'direct html address' of the piccies you want to post? I know Image shack does as that's what I use. Then you can import the direct html address into your post here and Bob's your Uncle, or should be anyway. I'll just test it.....

Big piccie of me holding up a Canberra.  ;D

Yes it does work like that. You post the direct html link and then highlight it, then hi the 'Insert Image' icon from the library above, 2nd from the left on the 2nd row down, looks like small tele screen.

Mav and I came up with the same answer at pretty much the same time, got to be right!  :thumbsup:


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