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Sikorsky UH-71 Kestrel with photos

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Based on the 1/72 Italeri EH-101 Cormorant kit with parts from the UH-60 Desert Hawk and Matchbox Bell OH-58D Aeroscout.
It's an on going build, this what I have come up with. In the background is the Revell 3D jigsaw puzzle of Hogwarts Castle, I added a few stickers to hide the gaps and Puff the magic dragon.

I've started adding paint from Hataka acrylic Light Stone.

From a different angle, could be renamed the EH-101 Merlin AH.1

The other side

From the back

The prototype UH-71 Kestral known as the AH.1 Merlin.

That pic's about five times larger than my laptop!

I've made it more visible


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